Art camps

The Benczúr Gyula Benczúr Academy of Arts, established in the year of the Millennium, organises summer art camps in Benczúr village. The “en plain aire” camps bring together painters, graphic artists, a textile artist, as well as young talented artists and trainee artists and artists’ students. The inspiration comes from the beautiful natural environment in which Gyula Benczúr lived and worked. Through artistic creation, this precious cultural landscape will be brought back into the bloodstream of Hungarian artistic and cultural life. It offers young artists the opportunity to develop.

Another objective of the Foundation is to educate, to train, to develop skills, to discover beauty from an early age and to focus attention on aesthetics. The children’s art camps, held in the summer with artists and art teachers, have become very popular over time. Encouraging young talents, letting their imagination soar, and creating together in a loving atmosphere, became a source of much joy.

The works produced at the camps were presented to the public in temporary exhibitions and on a Facebook page.

In this process, we felt the need to have a roof over our heads and to continue our artistic work throughout the year. As a result of twenty-five years of persistent perseverance, the Government adopted Decision 1193/2018(IV.4.) to build the Benczúr Gyula Drawing School.